The Davinci Code Hoax

Because of this I won't be watching any Tom Hanks movies anytime too soon.

If any of you have read the Davinci Code I would strongly suggest that you read this to get the other side of the argument. What distresses me the most is people I know won't bother to read books by Nicky Gumble, or won't bother to read church history, but will more than likely read factless conspiracy stories that may do good to sell books but have no basis in reality.

My favorite boggus claim from the book so far is that the Merovingian royal line founded the city of Paris. Speaking from someone that's actually been there, I can tell you nothing can be farther from the truth. Rome built an encampment where the city of Paris is now located, and before that there was a Gaulish settlement on the same lands. Those Gaulish settlers is where the name "Paris" comes from.

Also, as far as I know, it was the church that originally encouraged the centralization of power in France around the Merovingian royal line. Why would the church encourage the ascention of a line of descendants that would be the secret enemies of the Catholic church? Sounds like suicide to me.

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