Canadians on Terri Schiavo

Why doesn't This suprise me? This doctor's diatribe on "community" is a little weird and smacks of "group-think" dogma, but he's right that the Liberals going to be pushing for doctor assisted suicide in this country in the next coming years. The debate on Schiavo's case in the States scares the living daylights out of Canadians like me in terms of where we could be heading.

Apparently Svend Robinson has come back from his brief departure from the national scene to say this:
"Fundamentally, the issue, it seems to me, is the question of the right of an individual to make these decisions for themselves," Robinson said in a CTV interview.

Robinson added he finds it appalling that American politicians and "outside forces" have intervened in what he believes should have been the decision of Schiavo and her husband.

I was hoping that after Svend had gotten caught stealing jewellery last year and was forced to quit federal politics that maybe he might come out of that experience a little more humble and a little more apt to consider what other people's points of view are.

Apparently he's learned nothing. For him this is all about the "right to die," and American politicians are "appalling." What he should be appaled about is that woman that can feel pain, is starving to death as we speak, after a series of trials in which she had no representative, and after judges have made mind boggling decisions that have left some legal experts stunned.

I would email Svend to try to explain that to him, but he's probably flown already off to Israel, to confront another Israeli soldier on TV again...

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