Van Horn Texas Future Spaceport?

That's what will happen if Jeff Bezos has his way.

Jeff is the man behind, and he also has a little space tourism venture called "Blue Origin" on the side.
Over the next 30 to 40 minutes, Simpson said Bezos told him the goal of his venture - known as Blue Origin - was to send a spaceship into orbit that launches and lands vertically, like a rocket.

“He told me their first spacecraft is going to carry three people up to the edge of space and back,'' Simpson said. “But ultimately, his thing is space colonization.”

First things first, this will be a real rocket ride with Blue Origin not some airplane on steroids. I'm thinking that he's planning on using some sort of Delta Clipper type rocket system... Come to think of it I remember reading somewhere I think speculation that was the direction he was going... Whatever it's been a long day, for all I know right know that's been common knowledge all along and I'm just too dazed to remember it know.

As for space colonization, I feel like I'm in touch with this Bezos guy. Nothing else really matters. If we can't have a permanent settlement in space where regular people can go as an escape from this world, than nothing else matters. Weird, it's like I have so much in common with all these freaking multi-millionaires.

There's only a gagillion dollars of difference between our bank accounts.

Though I'm wondering how serious they are. The real barrier it seems for most of these ventures is simple: funds. I figure you need to spend atleast 30 mill to get atleast a prototype bird made. And you need someone like Sir Branson to finance it further if you take Space Ship One experience as a baseline.

Does Bezos have that much cash lying around he can spare? Does anyone? I hope Virgin isn't the only one in the business of space tourism... I'd like to see those prices come down with some competition sooner rather than later.

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