New Rome

I've been wanting to post on Terri Shiavo for the past while now. I haven't had much to say. Most other bloggers have said everything. Then I found out that Terri apparently started to cry when she was told her feeding tube was going to be removed.

Does that sound like someone devoid of consciousness? Does that sound like someone who is brain dead? How many coincidences does Terri's husband need to have for him to figure out that his wife is still alive and he has no right to end her life.

If this happens, and Terri dies, it will signal that Western Civilization has entered a new era. An era where eugenics has become accepted as a norm - and don't kid yourselves that is what this case is all about.

We would become new Rome. And Rome didn't last forever.

Tip o' the hat to Curmudgeons.

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