Why are these people having more fun than I am? I guess deterrence is a foreign concept with our friends over at Corrections Canada.
Prisoners at Joyceville penitentiary marked Black History Month with musical entertainment and a "feast" of chicken and red snapper. According to an internal memo from Warden Larry Stebbins obtained by the Sun, about 93 inmates were scheduled guests for the Feb. 24 "celebration." One staffer at the medium-high security jail described it as a "Caribana-style" party.

Now doesn't that just make you want to cringe at the thought of going to prison? How horrible it must be for these poor inmates, with their Caribana parties and red snapper feasts.

Prison isn't supposed to fun. It's supposed to be hard. I'm not saying we should abuse prisoners - that would be wrong. But I do expect prisoners to live a simple life without excess.

But hey I must be a freakin' radical.

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