Lapierre Don't Resign!

Please! Lapierre Don't Resign! You have been the main source entertainment I've received from this federal government... Without you, I would never have woken up to read quotes like these:

“It’s like we took over a house, all the rooms looked nice and okay, and then we opened the fridge… Inside, we found a big stinking fish. It smells up the house.”
(Toronto Star, March 20, 2004)

"People who are active in the party in Quebec now are not representative of the mainstream. The Liberal party in Quebec is a collection of has-beens. "
(Macleans Magazine, May 14, 1990)

“You know some people have lived in a dream world for years… Maybe it’s time they wake up – there’s an English Canada and a French Canada.”
(Kitchener-Waterloo Record, March 16, 1990)

Don't resign! Resist the pressure... Please for the sake of my personal comedic enjoyment don't go!

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