Terri's Last Chance

Terri's case will go before the Supreme Court. The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals rejected her right to a stay of execution. In doing so, it refused to uphold for Terri the same right given to prisoners on death row. I cannot understand why.

A Nurse that has cared for Terri in the past, has given testimony in a sworn affidavit that implicates Micheal Schiavo in trying to end his wife's life, and furthermore that Terri is very aware, and can ingest some fluids on her own.

Judges have not heard this evidence. In fact no representative for Terri was allowed in any of the court proceedings in Florida. A woman is being starved to death based on a trial where she had no representative. Also much of the evidence that could have supported the case to keep Terri alive has been suppressed from the courts.
"This is a clear cut case of judicial tyranny. All the judges who have ruled against Terri are tyrants, and we fully expected this decision," said Tammy Melton, 37, a high school teacher from Monterey, Tenn.

The concept of a judge has its roots in ancient Israel before Israel had kings. Judges were strong men that would rise up in a time of turmoil and make things right in Jerusalem. Judges were the heroes of ancient Israel. They were in many cases common men, that came to the people's defense. A Judge literally was someone who saved.

Right now Terri needs a true Judge.

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