How they will shut up bloggers once and for all...

Curmudgeons has found a devastating piece on what the FEC plans to do with regulation of the internet and of Bloggers in general.

Blogging really hasn't risen to the same status here in Canada that it has in the US. The US seems that much farther ahead of us. I worry that just as Canada starts to ketch up that the same thing will happen here north of the border as will soon happen in the US if the FEC has their way.

I wonder how they plan to enforce any of this. Canada already has a tough time trying to prevent people from using the internet to report elections early, how do they expect to stop bloggers from linking to campaign web sites, or making comments in support of a particular candidate? My guess is anonymous bloggers will become the norm, and the government will go on a hunt to try to find out who the rebels are.

Curmudgeons is right, this has nothing to do with fairness or an even electoral playing field. This has to do with one thing: shutting us up.

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  1. It would be like squeezing a balloon. We would keep popping up.