The Two Conventions

So at some point today I was sitting down for lunch, after a hard day of standing in nameless policy and constitution rooms. Looking around me I noticed MacKay in a scrum with the media, and I couldn't help but thinking how lucky the party had been with this convention. There wasn't anything weird, or disastrous that had happened - at least not yet.

Then I decided to take a break from the convention for a bit, to see what's really happening out there in world. And then I see this and this.

Apparently MacKay is "Angry." He didn't look so angry the last time I saw him which was an hour ago.

And as for this mysterious flyer, I'd like to actually see it. I have not, and I haven't heard a peep from any delegate discussing anything like it. Someone in the Main Stream Media must have been working overtime to discove that little gem. And I'm sorry but how is this extremist? Christianity is under attack, not neccesseraly from the Liberal Party, but from modern culture in general.

How come there is no mention anywhere of the amazing speech given by John Baird? What about all the ethnic and cultural diversity that was shown last night? None of that made it on the CTV.

It's like there are two conventions. The real one I'm at, and the other one that is artificially produced by the media.

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