Virgin Mobile

I you're a cell phone user you won't want to read this. It's just too painful to see how much you're getting royally screwed by Canadian mobile services.

Apparently Sir Branson is taking a stab at the cell phone market in this country. We desperately need him. The only problem is how am I supposed to get out of a 3 year contract?

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  1. He's not offering any great new option... all he's doing is lending his brand to Bell Mobility to sell more PAYG (pay as you go) packages to no-credit/low-usage customers. The notion that he's "taking on" the Big 3 is laughable and it's remarkable how many people are taken in by this obvious spin.

    Microcell (Fido) has consistently offered what Branson claims to be offering. Fido, for their monthly billing customers, has always offered honest by the second billing (unlike the big 3) and never required a contract. For now, the Rogers take over hasn't changed that.