Contradictions From George Felos

The fact that George Felos, Micheal Schiavo's attorney, has dabbled into into New Age mysticisms isn't what concerns so much, it's the frequent contradictions that come out of his mouth.

Today Micheal Schiavo's attorney is relaying to the public the message that a full autopsy will be performed on Terri before she is cremated to alleviate our concerns about them hiding something sinister. Although we don't know who will perform the autopsy, something tells me that it will be a doctor that Felos knows well.
"He's requested this very strongly," Michael Schiavo's lawyer George Felos told reporters. "He believes it's important to have the public know the full, the full and massive extent of the damage to Mrs. Schiavo's brain that occurred through the cardiac arrest in 1990."

Really? If Terri's brain were really that far gone then why do we always hear from you Micheal's claim that his wife would have never wanted to go on living under these circumstances? If she really is brain dead then this isn't a right-to-die case, and George Felos (a known right-to-die advocate), shouldn't be involved at all because Terri isn't conscious in the first place. This wouldn't be a case of a woman deprived of "quality of life." This would be a case of a dead woman with parents that are unwilling to let go . So why bring up the "right-to-die" issue at all? It's either one or the other not both.
Felos said Terri "has never been on a morphine drip." She has received two small doses of five milligrams of morphine a week ago and on Sunday, but not for pain relief, he added without elaborating.

I'm not a doctor, but if the morphine wasn't used for pain relief what was it used for? It doesn't have that many uses...

It's time that George Felos choose one argument or the other. Either Terri is alive, conscious and can feel pain, and she would have wanted to die, or she is brain dead, unable to feel pain, and it doesn't matter whether the tube is removed or kept there because the real Terri isn't there anymore. At least that would be logical.

People on the other side of this debate have to choose one side or the other. You can hide behind contradictions. You can't hide behind truth.

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