Saving Terri

Terri's feeding tube is about to be re-inserted.

I watched the coverage of the Congress passing the bill on both CNN and FOX. I can't believe how sickening it made me feel. FOX is supposed to be the tyrannically unbalanced Right Wing Nutso in the American media, while CNN is it's left wing equivalent.

Last night nothing was farther from the truth.

Fox presented both sides of the argument in a fair way. Watching CNN you would have thought that there was no dissenting opinion from doctors on whether Terri was in "persistant vegitative state," and that death by starvation isn't really a painful thing for people who are disabled. On FOX you find out that there is dissenting opinion.

It was horrible. At least FOX had debate. With CNN it was a closed and shut case.

That being said, it hasn't really been anyone in the media fighting this campaign. It has for the most part been bloggers that have kept the fight alive. They deserve all the credit here. It's something that Canadians should take notice of.

Terri's new judge is skeptical. Apparently he's a former Clinton appointee.
Brian Schiavo, Michael's brother, said he spent Sunday afternoon with his brother and Terri at the hospice, but Terri did not move or make any noises. ``Anybody that thinks that she talks and responds, they need to have a mental health examination,'' he said.

Apparently a Nobel Nominee Scientist Disagrees. Judge for yourself and listen to a recording of Terri Schiavo.

Tip o' the hat to Curmudgeons.

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