The Chretien Vs. The Gomery

Chretiens' filed papers against Gomery to have him removed.

Some suprise that is.
Gomery, however, suggested there was “a conspiracy of silence“ to keep Chretien in the dark.

That remark triggered the court filing, said Peter Doody, a Chretien lawyer.

“It was, effectively, effectively the straw that broke the camel’s back,” he said.

Or was it effectively the excuse you decided would be the most believable to use.

Chretien knows that this inquiry could damn his legacy in Canadian politics. A legacy that was based on a decade of under-achievement and nothingness but a legacy all the same.

He's fighting with everything he has to bring this inquiry down. I don't for one believe a word of his spin. He wants this inquiry to collapse, that's the only way for him to be exhonorated.

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