No-News News on Kyoto

This is the worst no-news news article I've ever seen.

Any new measures to reduce carbon emissions? No. Any new plans to do it on time? No.

So where's the news? All it seems like they're doing is implementing incentives for people to buy hybrid cars, and use so-called "green" energy. I'm thinking part of these incentives are going to be funded by the "SUV" tax the Liberals tucked secretly into the budget.

Still is that really going to reach a 30%+ reduction in emissions levels from now until the end of the decade?

The only bit of reality in this piece is here:
"The big commitment we're waiting to hear is what is the government's position in terms of the auto sector," he said. "There's about a quarter of our emissions in terms of large final emitters.

There it is folks. For all the brouhaha surrounding this, even the Enviro-Fascists know better. They know nothing done already is going to make a dent in carbon emissions levels. The know the best bet is to hit the big carbon producers which would be the Auto sector and the petroleum industry.

Somehow someway, the government will have to make people drive 30% less or use 30% less fuel, plants will have to consume 30% less carbon based power... Really it all comes down to consumers using less energy and fuel.

The only time that has ever happened was during a recession.

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