Wise Guys

All right, who was the wise guy that put this little gem in plain view of the MSM?

Well I'm waiting?
OTTAWA -- Stephen Harper is a dog of a leader, according to a picture sent out to Conservative delegates who will vote on his leadership at the party's upcoming convention in Montreal. The doctored picture has Harper's head pasted on the body of a dog over the headline, "This Dog Don't Hunt," and was mass e-mailed to delegates yesterday.

It's believed to be the work of hard-core right-wingers in the party who fear the Tory boss is turning the party into "Liberal Lite."

It's fine to send a joke to a couple buddies, but this is like committing self suicide. When are we going to learn as Conservatives we shouldn't be airing our dirty laundry in public?

The Liberals already have enough political ammunition to throw at us already without members of our party providing them with extra cannon fodder.

Please people think before you act.

A little aside... Here is the pic in Question:

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