AdScam Fallout in Quebec

Angus Reid reports that the Quebec Liberal Party has dropped to 21% support in La Belle Province. The only downside is that the seperatists are climing to 47% support. The conservative ADQ though holds out ray of hope with them climbing to second at 25%. Obviously AdScam is spilling over into provincial politics.

Could this be a sign that provincial politics in Quebec is undergoing a dramatic shift? I don't want to jinks it before it happens, but it is a real possibility. But it wasn't the shift I was hoping for. In the rest of Canada politics is "normal." What I mean by that is that we have a right wing party vs. a left wing party that rotate power just like the rest of the planet. In Quebec you have a different dynamic: it's a separatist party vs. a federalist Liberal Party. That dynamic has created weirdness like having a Quebec Liberal Party leader that was once a Federal Conservative Party leader.

The fact that there is only one federalism vehicle in Quebec has forced many to have to hold their noses and vote sometimes for federalists even if they are Liberals. Having the rightist ADQ always held the hope out that the seperatists could go the way of the dodo and eventually a right/left dynamic would take shape.

Instead it's as if the Quebec Liberal Party is just imploding and we might have the same dynamic in Quebec just a different name of a federalist vehicle. Of course now the party that is the federalist vehicle will have rightward tilt instead of leftward one... Although that wasn't even clear sometimes with the Quebec Liberals supporting sometimes tax cuts.

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