One last Hurrah for Florida?

Curmudgeons pointed me to this piece fretting about Florida's future role in private so called alternative space efforts like the X-Prize's X-Prize Cup.

I don't understand the need for one last Hurrah to come out the state of Orange juice and missing chads. Who cares what state this comes out of? In the end all if a viable space tourism industry comes out of it what does it matter?

Well I guess there will be those that will point to cutbacks in the Cape, that will no doubt come with the increased competition, as being a bad thing. Of course new jobs will be created in New Mexico, but that will matter little to the reactionaries I'm sure. The truth is that there will probably be some clamoring for the US federal government to stop all this competition between the so-called big aerospace and these enterpreneurial start-ups... Congressman will be rattled by lobbyists for "old aerospace" against "new areospace."

Hopefully Congressmen won't do anything foolish, like actually acting on the side of the reactionaries.

Trust me it'll happen. Unless of course Florida smartens up.

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