Election Here We Cometh

Carolyn Parrish apparently doesn't want to go into an election quite so soon. She is one of 3 independent MP's in the house that will pretty much decide to make or break this corrupt Soviet styled government. As it stands the Conservatives and the seperatists, all gun-ho for an election, have 153 seats. 2 of the members are sick... Something tells me they might get spontaneously healed in a month's time.

151 seats belong to the Liberals and the NDP, which common wisdom says will vote against an election. Although that might be a changing scenario.

Carolyn Parrish is a former Liberal kicked out of Martin's caucus for failing to apologize after having stepped on a doll in the likeness of George Bush on a comedy program. Of course no one remembers her previous history where she called George Bush names and at one point exclaimed "Stupid Americans... I hate the bastards!" It was if Paul Martin wanted to inflict harm on US relations when he did nothing in the face of these ridiculous stupidities. She could have easily agreed to disagree with the American position on the War in Iraq. Instead she decided to harm the relations that our country depends so dearly on for trade. But Screamin' Parrish didn't care. Oh well, at a certain point Paul Martin's dithering self finally made a decision. An eon after he should have acted he kicked Screamin' Parrish out of caucus straight on her behind.

The other two independents include the likes of David Kilgour. David was once a Tory. He jumped ship when things went awry. Then AdScam happened a decade later. And now he left the Liberal caucus when things went awry again. Kilgour knows he toast. That's why he didn't bother to join the Tories. He doesn't want an election any more than a dead cow wants to be chopped up into prime steak.

That leaves Chuck Cadman the self professed "Independent Conservative." Once a member of the now defunct Canadian Alliance Party, Chuck lost his nomination as a Conservative Party candidate but didn't want to give up there. Apparently his nomination was taken over by the other guy unfairly. He ran and won as an independent MP. The other guy barely could get a fourth place finish. Chuck will probably vote for an election. Because if I'm right, all of his constituents that he represents are mad as hell about AdScam. And I don't think they would take kindly to Chucky boy voting for the government of Crooks and Liars.

That makes it 153 against an election and 154 for (assuming those miraculous recoveries do in fact happen).

The future of a member of the G7-Nations decided by a single vote? You betcha.

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