Liberals at 25%!

Reuters Reports:
The EKOS poll, taken after revelations last week of kickbacks to the Liberal Party, showed support for the Conservatives at 36.2 percent, compared with 25 percent for the Liberals -- their lowest showing since taking office in 1993.

The Toronto Star, which commissioned the poll, said this suggested a late June election. The Liberals lost their majority in Parliament in the last election, in June 2004.

The newspaper, which commissioned the survey, quoted EKOS pollster Frank Graves as describing "a breathtaking shift in what had been a stagnant and listless political landscape."

In the most populous province of Ontario, the Conservatives appeared to have made a breakthrough, leading the Liberals by 40 percent to 33 percent, probably enough to take the majority of Ontario's 106 seats.

The Tories have overtaken the Liberals in every region of the country - - including Quebec. Right know in La Belle Province the Tories could be looking at an electoral breakthrough.

We have to keep in mind that the firm that did the poll, Ekos and it's Liberal lap dog Frank Graves, who's known to produce suspect polling numbers, may actually be downgrading Liberal support on purpose. What better way is their to create momentum in a campaign then to have your man all of sudden get a 5 point boost? I'm going to be cynical until I see results from SES, or other pollsters confirming these numbers.

Either way if these numbers are true in Quebec it looks as if the seperatists could be in a position to sweep of almost every single seat except for maybe a couple in Montreal, and maybe another couple elsewhere.

The Provincial Quebec Liberals would become extremely isolated. They are going to be tarnished with this the same as the Federal Liberals are being tarnished.

Already provincial Liberals in Alberta and Manitoba have considered changing their names to distance themselves from their federal counterparts. I would be the equivalent of State Democrats changing their State Party's name to distance themselves from National Democrats.

If these numbers are true, the Federal Liberals could be looking at electoral oblivion - literally.

Though these days will be like the dying days of a decrepit, morally bankrupt, Liberal regime that will stop at nothing to hold onto power. I'm expecting a round of attack ads to come out from the Liberals soon against the Tories and the seperatists. It doesn't matter if there is an election or not at this point.

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