Jack Layton could not contain his grin with his newfound pal in Paul Martin. What's interesting is that it seems like Layton didn't even bother to hold Martin's feet to the fire. Sure he blackmailed Martin to win his support against a non-confidence vote that would have catapulted the country into an election. But Paul Martin's hide was on the line. Layton could have hagled so much more out of Mr. Dithers. If Martin's previous history is a guide, Martin will do anything to be and to continue being Prime Minister.

Instead he's pledging Martin his support for some beads and trickets as far as I'm concerned. Not that it matters all that much. Layton's support in the house doesn't guarantee Martin that the vote will fail.

What does is whether Harper or Duceppe Backs off. They could very well do that. The theory goes that neither want to go into an election without the NDP backing them up. The last thing they want is for people to talking about a Conservative-Seperatist coalition.

Lo' and belold Independent MP Chuck Cadman has made his choice to go for an election like I figured. Liberal Anti-Americana nutso turned Independent MP Carolyn Parrish is voting against to save her hide. That leaves the other Independent David Kilgour which will almost probably vote against.

Again 154 for and 153 against an election.

I'll be watching that vote closely next month.

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