Brault Fallout

[--] is now reporting that the publication ban on Brault's explosive testimony could be lifted if Brault's trial is delayed.

What no one is talking about is the dynamics this shifts in Parliament. Right now the government had buddled Kyoto measures with the Eastern Provinces much coveted Offshore Revenue deal in one budget item. The Conservatives were against Kyoto, but for the Offshore Revenue deal. This forced the Conservatives to dance on tippy toes for the last week while they figured out what to do. They can only either vote for or against it, either that or try to split the two up to have seperate votes.

What was worse was that the enviro radicals in the NDP were actually going to vote against the item, because they felt the Kyoto provisions were not strong enough. That would have defeated the government at a time when no one in the opposition wanted to go to the polls until the Gomery Inquiry had released his final report. The Liberals were all the more willing to go the polls before the report broke the bad news, so they had the upper hand.

With this explosive testimony though, I wonder if the Liberals will shift their tact. They may still be making the calculation that it's better to force an election now, and not wait for more goodies to come out the Inquiry.

If the publication ban is lifted, I'm thinking it won't matter what the Liberals do in any case: you might as well stick a fork in them.

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  1. Very Angry in Toronto2:42 PM

    Gomery should undo the gag order, because counterintuitively they cannot now get a fair trial because of incomplete testimony publication tarring them with no facts. The ad people should be desirous of publicity now, because their defence is "I only took orders(both kinds) from my government, surely that isn't illegal." We all know it is the lawmakers that broke the law - open up the gag order.