Drop The Writ!

Scott Reid should be ashamed of himself for saying this:
Will the leader of the Opposition give Canadians a guarantee that he will let Justice (John) Gomery report his findings -- that he will not force voters into an election until they have the answers that this prime minister has said that they deserve?

First of all the leader of the opposition will make the decision that he feels is best for the Canadian public. I'd trust Stephen Harper anyday to make that decision over Scott Reid's Dithering boss - a horrible joke of a Canadian Prime Minister.

What's worse is that Reid has selective memory. Originally it was Mr. Martin that made the pledge before the last election was called to "get to the bottom" of the sponsorship inquiry. Instead Martin called an election before the inquiry could even get off the ground. He won a bare minority, based on a campaign of scare-mongering about the Conservative "hidden agenda." He was torn down by Gilles Duceppe, the seperatist Bloc Quebequois leader, in the debates who challenged him to tell Canadians where the money had went, because after all, he had promised to get to the bottom of the scandal before the next election.

Then the election was over, and now Gomery finally has started to uncover the truth.

This isn't spin coming out of the Liberal Party. This is plane faced lies, and fabrications. They are hanging on to whatever they can.

“You may be the leader of the world’s most powerful nation, but I am the prime minister of the land of tomorrow.”-Paul Martin speaking to US President Bush

Oh really. Is the land of tomorrow a corruption cespool where Liberal overlords suck the living blood dry out of every hard working Canadian?

That's not my Canada.

I say Stephen Harper should call for a vote of non-confidence in the Government of Canada. And I urge all MP's to vote against this corrupted regime.

It is the right thing to do.

Addendum: Apparently I'm not the only one that thinks so.
And Captain Ed comes back with Martin's links to AdScam.

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