Branson Planning Orbital Flights?

Some are suggesting that Richard Brason's interest in having an Australian site for suborbital launches may be part of a larger grand scheme.

Apparently Australian launch sites have been investigated before by the Russians as a potential area to conduct launches.

For me it makes perfect sense. Aussieland has lots of open space. Lots of open space is a good thing for industry that will probably needs lots of room to launch vehicles. And lots of room too if things go wrong. Also Aussieland is near the equator, where payloads are easier to launch.

But this guy is also suggesting that suborbital intercontinental rides are next. That would make sense too. If Branson has bases in US and Australia, he can create a market for flights to the land of the rising sun yesterday.

Orbital flights I think is a no-brainer in terms of future planning. I don't think there is a single person that would claim otherwise. The main goal of all these guys has and will always be cheap access to low earth orbit.

Step 7) Earth orbit is "half way to anywhere". The solar system is now your oyster.

Good point. Robert Heinlein said that once and his words I think are the ultimate measuring stick when it comes to access to space. Once in orbit you've achieved half the energy you need to go anywhere else in the solar system. Once that door opens the sky really is the limit.

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