Why Missile Defense Will Work

The Left will no doubt be howling for joy over this piece on cost overuns in Missile Defense.

First of all I don't think I've ever heard of a single government program in aerospace that has finished on time and on budget.

Second of all the Russians developped missile interceptor technology years ago. In 2004 they did tests to ensure that they still did function.

Why can the Russians do it but the US can't? It has to do with political will pure and simple. If the US has enough guts it'll get done.

Some people have said that even if the system is 98% accurate, if a few missiles get through the result is still devastating. No argument there.

But It's like arguing that it doesn't matter if you wear a bullet proof vest or not because if it's only 98% accurate and one bullet gets through your still shot.

It's ridiculous. Bullet proof vests provide an added level of security. Just as a missile defense system would. It doesn't mean that Nuclear war shouldn't be avoided at all costs. Just as someone who wears a bullet proof vest doesn't think he's invinscible when he puts one on.

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