Kinsella Compares AdScam to Pickton Killer Case

This from Warren "Fantasy Land" Kinsella:
How else to explain stuff like this, which is all too representative of what has been going on in the Canadian conservative blogosphere all weekend. Facilitating - repeatedly, proudly - the violation of a court-ordered publication ban, by linking directly to ban-breaking web sites in other jurisdictions. Amazing.

Do these guys think defence lawyers don't know how to use the Internet, and then make use of what they find to assist their clients? Do they think judges are unwilling to punish those who break pub bans?

Then Warren goes on to linking to stories about Robert Pickton, the Pig Farmer turned serial killer and rapist. Two completely seperate situations. Let's look at a select part of one of those stories:
There's nothing to suggest the relatives would violate the publication ban, and they have a constitutional right to be present, he told CBC's Newsworld.

"The main issue seems to be around foreign journalists," he added.

Stone ruled Monday that the media, including the CBC, would not have full intervenor status. That means network lawyers would not be allowed to cross-examine witnesses or introduce evidence, although they might have a chance to address the court.

Before the hearing, CBC lawyer Dan Burnett said there are ways to control the media without banning everyone from the court.

"If the problem is with a small, select group, then deal with that small, select group," Burnett said. "Don't shut out the entire Canadian public, effectively, from the room."

Thanks Kinsella for proving our point. Look how publication bans are affecting the Pickton case... They're preventing even the parents from being allowed in the trial. Also ironic is that the CBC is being denied intervenor status at the same time that Warren's Party of Crooks and Liars got exactly that at the AdScam inquiry.

Warren truly does live in a fantasy land of his own design. It's a world where the court ordered publication bans, cleverly exploited by the Fiberal Party of Crooks and Liars, are normal everyday things. It's a world where if these same publication bans are challenged by bloggers attempting to shed the truth of the matter before the next election those bloggers are labelled as "dumb."

Maybe you might want to try reading what stories you link to before you actually link to them, Warren - you might win more arguments that way.

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