Former Prime Minister Jean Chretien's legacy in Canadian politics is about as low it can go:

The Liberal Party of Canada: Sucking your blood dry since 1867.


  1. Anonymous3:37 PM

    Have you understood this poster ?

    Jeancula is a French pun... In English, it means 'I fucked'...

  2. Didn't know that.

    All I knew was that it was Dracula... Apparently my vocabulary for french swears isn't as high as I thought it was...

  3. Now you know lol ^^

    But only French can understand this kind of pun...

    "Jeancula" means phoneticly "J'encula" (from the verb Enculer...) and it's not very... polite if you see lol.

    (a free French lesson, you're so lucky -___- sorry if it's not very appropriate)

    And if you want to understand the whole of the poster, I can translate it, but I think you won't see Frenches the same way lol ! (i joke ^^, like this poster :p)

  4. I thought the poster meant when reality surpasses fiction, You'll never forget the face of Jeancula.

    Then it says during my reign Jeancula every Canadian...

    Now that I know the Jeancula pun I'm getting to laugh even more.

    Gotta love them Quebequois...