Put Paul Martin into Suspended Animation!

Researchers have developed a way to make mice slip into deep hibernation using only hydrogen sulfide. Hydrogen Sulfide is what gives rotten eggs, and stink bombs their sweet odour. I don't understand why it took researchers so long to figure out that suspended animation might be this easy. You would have figured this type of research would have been done already. This technology could be useful for astronauts on long duration missions, or we could put someone with cancer in hibernation, slowing his metabolism to a crawl until we find a cure. That is assuming that human trials pan out with the same results.

This story is a couple days old, but I was struck by another potential application.

All we need is someone with a big enough stink bomb to show up and deploy it at a Liberal fundraiser and within a few minutes Paul Martin will slip into a long gentle sleep...

Now that's usefull.

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