Liberals Down to 34%

Liberal support is down to 34%.
The greatest shift regionally was seen in Alberta. There, the Conservative Party has seen a 14 percentage point shift in its popularity, to 57 per cent, while the Liberals have seen a 16-point drop, to just 13 per cent.

But in Saskatchewan/ Manitoba, the Liberals have gained 12 points of support, to 36 per cent, while the NDP have lost 14 points to 11 per cent.

In Ontario, where Conservatives would need to gain seats in order to form a government, the gap has narrowed. The Conservative Party has picked up six points and has climbed to 34 per cent of the decided vote, while the Liberal Party has dropped five points and now sits at 38 per cent.

The Liberals are up in Saskatchewan and Manitoba? Well I guess that region's saving grace is the fact that the poll covers two days before the ban on the controversial AdScam testimony was lifted... Still knowing what Canadians know, for Liberal support to actually rise in certain regions of the country is like saying "please steal some more money from my back pocket."

I have a sure-fire way to electoral success in Canada: Lie, cheat, and steal. Lie, cheat, and steal like mad, and watch Canadians vote for you.

I'm reminded of a quote from Aberheart: "If you haven't suffered enough, It's your God given right to suffer more."

Tip o' the hat to Shrepnek.

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