"A man of hesitation has turned into desperation..."

Gilles Duceppe hit the nail on the head last night in a media scrum. "A man of hesitation has turned into desperation..." Paul Martin has no one to blame but himself for the sponsorship scandal. This ridiculous public relations stunt he is planning tonight is merely a sign of his failure as a leader because of his dithering nature.

This isn't a national emergency. This is a Paul Martin and his Party of Crooks and Liars emergency. For him to make a national televised address to the nation is a clear indication of the desperation his party is going through.

And now we have this strategy coming out the PMO:
If the Martin TV address doesn't do the trick, Liberal strategists have a "Plan B" in the works.

Senior Liberal party strategists, including Trudeau-era cabinet minister Ed Lumley, met last weekend to discuss getting former prime minister Jean Chretien to speak publicly again on the sponsorship scandal. It was suggested Chretien admit no wrongdoing but accept responsibility for what happened under his watch.

Chretien is reported to have heard the proposal and hasn't ruled it out.

How can Chretien admit no wrongdoing but still accept responsibility for what happened under his watch? And why would Chretien make himself the fall guy in this mess when he's been Paul Martin's foe for so long?

This is all spin. Spin and more spin. There is so little truth in any of this.

The only truth is that the Liberal Party stole taxpayer money. It's up to Canadians to decide what to do next.

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  1. Anonymous2:07 PM

    Sadly it's not up to the Canadians on what action to take. The PMO has systematically stalled our countries democratic engine leaving the opposition unable to even bring down the government and force an election.

    This publicity stunt is nothing more than a bid to retain public support while the Liberal cronies vilify the opposition.