Pants on Fire

Either Paul Martin is lying, or a good chunk of his Liberal caucus is lying. Politics Watch covers it all with this little gem on Paul Martin's cheerleading in the caucus.

You see in Canada Prime Ministers don't care about Inquiries. They're just a burden. They don't care about a few hundred million dollars disappearing. That's just the Conservatives tring to distract Canadians from their hidden agenda. And they certainly don't care about Inquiry judges and their opinions. After all Liberal Prime Ministers in this country are above the law.

So Jean Chretien, the former Prime Minister, went on the witness stand at the AdScam inquiry. He offered nothing but golf balls and pot shots at the Inquiry's daughter for an explanation of what happened to the millions lost.

And what was our current Prime Minister's response? Lead the Liberal caucus in a cheerleading event for the great performance Jean Chretien made. Or at least that was what numerous Liberal MP's claimed coming out of that meeting. But Mr. Dithers himself denies this ever happening.
On February 10, when Canada AM host Beverly Thomson said Martin had "asked for a standing ovation and credited Jean Chretien for strengthening the Liberal Party" at caucus the previous day, Liberal Senator David Smith agreed with her description of events.

"He did," Senator Smith said. "Mr. Martin was very generous. And he spoke very well of Mr. Chretien."

Other Liberals who were at the meeting were singing the praises of Chretien's performance after they walked out and met with reporters.

"Mr. Martin is very supportive of Mr. Chretien and what he's done," Liberal caucus chair Andy Savoy said after the meeting. "Everybody in the entire caucus was extremely proud of Mr. Chretien.

"Mr. Chretien was a small-town guy opening a big town can of whoop ass on his detractors."

Paul Martin's take on the events:

After being reminded by an earlier caller that Martin's reported praise of Chretien's appearance ran counter to his public support of Gomery, Murphy asked the PM if the reports he led the Liberal caucus in a cheer for the former prime minister were true.

"No," the PM said.
"But fundamentally what happened is caucus did react to the fact that a former prime minister had just testified. And that's a very, very rare occasion to testify in front of a commission such as this.

"That's all that happened," the PM said.

"There were a number of issues discussed. They just simply said, 'Former prime minister testified.'"

I guess you have to ask yourself the question who do you trust more in this situation. Either you believe Paul Martin, or you believe his caucus.

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