Apologize All you want...

There is a saying, you know it's bad, not when you have to apologize, but when you have to apologize twice. And that's exactly what Paul Martin did in his speech minutes ago.

He made a commitment to call an election "within 30 days of the final report of the Gomery Inquiry." It's a stalling tactic pure and simple. The final report may not be tabled for a year. And the opposition may force an election before that. This is a bout of panick designed to make Canadians think that the opposition is out to go haiwire calling elections purely for political gain.

Plus, what's a commitment worth from Paul Martin? What happened to his commitment on Same Sex Marriage? What happened to his support on missile defense? What happened to his wanting to get rid of the GST? What happened to his opposition to Free Trade?

A Liberal commitment is about as good as toilet paper.

Paul Martin's address was worth even less.

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