Chretien Vs Gomery Part II

Chretien is at work at his shenanigans once again. He's taking Gomery to trial for being "biased." He wants Judge Gomery removed from the AdScam inquiry and he's using the courts to do it. It's too bad we can't do the same for any of the Liberal judges appointed by the Prime Minister that were appointed fresh off of the Liberal patronage bench.

And what's worse he doesn't think it proper that Gomery's lawyers be present to hear his side of the argument:
In submissions filed with the court last week, Chretien's lawyers argued it would be "inappropriate and unseemly" for the lawyer of the commission to oppose Chretien in court at the same time the inquiry looks into the actions of the former PM.

I see. It's "unseemly" for Gomery to get a fair hearing, but it's not unseemly for the Liberal Party of Canada to be granted intervener status at the Gomery Inquiry. And to make matters worse the lawyers for the Liberal Party of Canada are being paid by guess-who? Canadians.

Chretien is desperate to bring down Gomery. He knows the only way for his lackluster meaningless legacy in Canadian politics to retain any credibility at all is if he shuts the Inquiry up. No need for the truth here. Jean Chretien doesn't like the truth. He likes it much better when no one knows how dirty his reign of power was.

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