Canadian Regime Change

CTV is reporting that new testimony from the Gomery inquiry could cause the Liberal minority government to implode.
Although exact details of the testimony cannot be revealed due to a publication ban, there are reports its disclosure would prove so devastating that Paul Martin's Liberal minority could fall if it became public.
Is it more hype than reality? Possibly. We'll see come Monday when the house re-convenes.

It is incredibily appealing to think that by summer we could have a government in power in Canada that doesn't insult other countries when we disagree with them, that believes we should have a say in the shooting down of missiles over our airspace, that will remove the "artistic merit defence" when it comes to child pornography, that actually will reduce the tax burden on ordinary Canadians, that will rebuild the military, that will let Provinces have the choice to deliver healthcare with private clinics, that will appoint senators that are elected and not the friends of the PMO, and that won't use Canadian tax dollars as their personal piggy bank to offer kick backs to Liberal friendly firms.

Small Dead Animals reports that Mr. Brault broke down in tears during the supposed bombshell testimony.
Political staples laments the lack of reporting from the CBC, and is updating faster than I can type.
What It Takes to Win is going nuts.
Angry in the Great White North has found a testimonial from someone present at the inquiry.
Heck, even Instapundit's getting into the fray. Quote: "A publication ban. How . . . Canadian." Ouch. I have to say I do agree with the publication ban. If Instapundit was Canadian he'd understand why. So many people are looking for any legal loophole or slip up on the behalf of the inquiry or anybody else to shut it down and bury any of it's findings - especially the Liberal Party of Canada. The inquiry needs to be incredibly squeaky clean. That means any testimony that could be a violation of anyone's right to due process if it were released needs to be afforded every caution we can.
Robot Guy offers a pretty good summary of AdScam.

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