Calgary Grit is fooling himself...

Calgary Grit had this to say on Jean Brault's testimony:
This is bad. There’s no way to sugar-coat it. Jean Brault is not the most credible witness but he seems to have a lot of documentation to back him up. And it looks like several people in the Liberal Party did hand out these contracts in return for kick-backs.

You know when he starts talking this way, it isn't just partisan rethoric turning this into something it isn't. Then he says this whopper:
Before people make too much out of this, it's the word of one man - a man on trial for a lot of messy crimes. There’s little that can be pinned directly on Jean Chretien or Paul Martin.

Calgary Grit is fooling himself. I can already see the CPC corruption ad for the next election. First you see footage of Jean Chretien explaining about how he and the Finance Minister agreed to set up a "unity fund" to promote Canada in Quebec in the 1990's. Then the footage switches to Paul Martin at the Gomery inquiry. The speaker asks him if he was ever aware of the unity fund. He responds "No." The screen goes dark as sinister music starts playing. The words flash up on the screen "Someone is lying..."

Calgary Grit is right on one thing: this is bad for the Liberal Party.

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  1. Anonymous1:40 PM

    One wonders if you have to be a psychopath of some sort in order to be a member of the liberal party.

    Brian Walsh