The Never Ending AdScam Pub Ban

CBC reports:
MONTREAL - A judge in Quebec has agreed to postpone the criminal trial of two key figures in the federal sponsorship scandal by one month, a decision that could keep in place a publication ban on potentially explosive testimony heard at the Gomery inquiry.
Gomery rules on continuing the publication ban of Jean Brault's damning testimony today. Hopefully he'll do the sensible thing and remove the ban. It's either that or potentially an election could be called without Canadians knowing the truth.

Although that may be a dying threat:
..the Quebec advertising firm Groupaction not only made big contributions to the federal Liberal party, but also to the provincial Parti Quebecois. The provincial party, which has close ties with the Bloc, denies receiving the funds.
The seperatist Bloc Quebequois being the third largest party in the House of Commons has deep links to the seperatists in the Provincial Parti Quebequois. It's one of the weird things about Canadian politics that people that want to seperate one part of the country can get elected to a National Parliament. Quebec voted overwhelmingly seperatist in the last election federally because of revelations of AdScam back then. Those revelations were dainty lillypadies compared to Jean Brault's testimony. The Bloc ran on the campaign on being a "clean" party instead of the dirty Liberals.

It worked.

With these new revelations that the seperatists were in on it, I'm expecting that the Bloc won't be on the pro-election bandwagon anymore. Right now it seems like the only "clean" party out there is the Conservative Party. I wonder if now that Quebequers are faced with two corrupted parties they might actually think about giving the Tories a chance... Well you can always hope.


  1. In the end what will we remember of the Pub Ban? Probably not Bloggers like me (Mindless in Ottawa) being dragged off to jail. I suspect the real defining event to come of this will be the Creten Legacy...

  2. Anonymous1:54 PM

    The thought that Quebecers would vote conservative? hard to believe because of the great divide ideologically.

    On the other hand there is one tactic that may work, Quebecers have always wanted to be on the winning side...

    Brian Walsh