Flying Cars or Flying Pigs?

Paul Moller and his cohorts in the AirCar brigade everyonce and a while come out with another claim that AirCars are just a breath away... And CBS falls ripe for it.

Mr. Moller has been working on an AirCar for 20 years. His primary investor has spent millions financing his venture. So far bupkiss for results.

I've seen a documentary on Moller. He seems like a very lonely guy. He's dedicated himself so much to one cause I think he's starting to wonder what he's done with his life. He often takes a variety of medicines and vitamins and other "new-age" type alternative remedies to try to prolong his life. It really seems like he just does not want to leave until he finishes his work.

It's a little sad, and almost sadistic quite frankly - - at least that's how it came across in the documentary.

The problem is every couple years or so him and his buddies will push another story about how AirCars are right around the corner. 20 years have gone by. No offense Mr. Moller, but I'll believe it when I see it.

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