Just Another Explosive day in AdScam Land

The Gomery publication has been ditched. The depth of Liberal corruption is something that not even the most partisan critics claimed it was. MacKay says that the testimony proves that the current Prime Minister was directly involved in the Sponsorship Program. And the Tories are threatening to sue over Liberal Joe Volpe's claims that a Conservative MP accepted kickbacks from immigrants: "I would say to the immigration minister and anyone else with the kind of cloud (the Liberals) are under, they should be very careful. Because we will not hesitate to have them in court as fast as you can say Gomery if they are not correct in those kinds of accusations."

Explosive? Yes.

The Liberal Party of Canada...Corrupted since God only knows when.

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  1. Anonymous1:44 PM

    While we are on the subject, what is more corrupt than immigration to this country?

    Brian Walsh