Supreme Court Justices on the take

To make matters worse for Paul Martin, a senior member of the Liberal Party is now claiming that in order to be a Supreme Court Justice in Canada you need to be friendly to the Liberal Party.

"The Liberal network . . . definitively controlled everything: nominations, mandates, contracts, grants," Corbeil told Radio-Canada. "I am convinced that a person who want to be named a judge or a person who wanted to have important mandates has to have friendly ties with these people, who can influence the political apparatus and eventually, but there I don't have tangible proof, eventually the administrative apparatus."

In my opinion any Supreme Court Justice appointed in the last 10 years should take a leave of absence until an investigation clears their name. This is the only way to ensure the credibility of the Canadian court system.

Also the Mounties should be removed from investigating AdScam and any other criminal investigation involving the federal government. The OPP and the Quebec Provincial Police should take over. As it stands now even the Mounties have been implicated as being on the take from the PMO.

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