Another Publication Ban?

You would have figured that these jokers would have figured it out yet:
The week of May 25 promises fireworks as Coffin Communication owner Paul Coffin takes the stand under a publication ban to protect his right to a fair trial on allegations he defrauded taxpayers. Gomery will rule on whether to lift the ban on his testimony before a return appearance by former sponsorship head Chuck Guite.

Another pub ban? It took less than 72 hours for the last one to be broken. Something tells me it will take less 24 hours for this one to break wide.

The more I read about what is coming up in the AdScam inquiry, the more I think the election will be in the fall, or late summer... This stuff is just too juicy. An election would delay this information from coming out. It's still the right thing to do to call the election now in my opinion. This government has lost the confidence of Canadians pure and simple - - regardless of political considerations.

But part of me is thinking you might as well let it come out now and see how far Liberal support can really drop before it bottoms out...

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  1. The Canadian public it seems is being led by the nose again, all you seem to hear is, 'This is all allegation, we should wait until the Gomery inquiry has finished its work'. And so it gets picked up and parroted till it's the conventional wisdom. Whatever, we can wait a bit longer to throw the bums out as long as the wimpy Ontarians don't chicken out again at the fearful thought of actual change.