Oil-For-Food and Paul Martin

More from the New York Sun on the Canadian links to the Oil-For-Food scandal. Here are basics to this whole fiasco:

-Tongsun Park has been accused of taking $1 million dollars from the regime of Saddam Hussein and investing it in a Canadian company owned by the son of an UN official that later went bankrupt. (I'm assuming that the money was taken through profiteering in the Oil-For-Food program).
-Mr. Park, has admitted to investing $1 million dollars in a company named Cordex owned by Maurice Strong, a well connected UN official with strong ties to Paul Martin, and his son. The company went broke soon thereafter.
-Maurice Strong was President of Montreal based Power Corporation. Other members of the board of this corporation have made donations to Cordex. UN investigator Paul Volker was also a member of the board of Power Corps, and it puts him a situation where he may be in a conflict of interest.
-Paul Martin listed Cordex as one of his assets to the Federal Ethics Committee in 2003.
-Paul Martin's bizzare and unusual televised address to the public coincided to the day when Maurice Strong was tied to the $65 million dollar United Nations Oil-For-Food scandal. This has lead some to speculate that he real motive behind Paul Martin's address was to distract the media away from his ties to Maurice Strong and Cordex.

Tip o' the hat to M.K. Braaten.


  1. $65 million oil-for-food scandal? I think you're missing a few zeros... Hell, Saddam alone made $2 billion of that scam.

  2. err.... "off" that scam