Paul Martin on Gagliano Video

During the last federal election, in the dying days of the campaign, a nameless Tory started giving out a videotape to reporters. It was a tape of Paul Martin praising Alfonso Gagliano for his birthday. Gagliano is believed by many to be the prime political connection between Chuck Guite and the sponsorship program and the Liberal Party of Canada. Jean Chretien near the end of his term appointed Gagliano to the posh patronage appointment of ambassador to Denmark for his fierce loyalty. Paul Martin took the extreme step of firying Gagliano as ambassador as the revelations of AdScam came out.

The videotape was scandalous in the sense that Paul Martin heaved praise on Gagliano, when at the time Gagliano was knee dead in the AdScam mess no one knew about. The media, predictably, ignored the video tape as a non news item.

Rick Fuschi has posted that exact same video.

I wonder if the Main Stream Media in this country will finally start reporting this stuff. They'll probably continue reporting manufactured stories on the Tory "hidden agenda."

Tip o' the hat to Daifallah.

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