Border Vigilante Woes

Us Canucks living in Liberal Soviet territory are being targeted by these guys.

Now I'm a big Robert Heinlein fan. And I can still remember reading "Puppet Masters" and examining the need for Vigilantes where governments can sometimes fail. There are trade-offs of course. The biggest is that vigilantes can turn into extremists going on witch hunts. The best example of vigilantes taking control where a government fails is in California. Back in frontier days Gangs took control of the future city of Los Angeles and kicked the federal government out. A group of vigilantes rose up and created something called the "Vigilance Committee." They took down the gangs, then the Federal government in the US finally got its act together and took over from the vigilantes. That is until the gangs rose up again.

In this case I can't see the point. To be honest the problem with Canada isn't necessarily that it lets too many terrorists get across into the US, it's more that it lets too many terrorists in in the first place. The Refugee claimant system in this country is a joke. We let known terrorists and criminals into this country and deny perfectly legitimate immigrants that try to get through the system honestly without bribing Liberal officials.

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