Papal Spies

Apparently a high ranking priest in JPII's entourage was secretly supplying information knowingly or unknowingly to the Communists. This should come as no real surprise to anyone. I've heard of one former Communist agent that claimed that she personally sent hundreds of communist agents into seminaries. Most of them were almost certainly filtered out of the system, but the truth is that the Catholic Church has had a big bullseye on it for years. It is the biggest threat to dictators everywhere.

Any dictator in the history of western civilization has always had to contend with the power of faith. It has always been a dangerous thing in the eyes of any autocratic state that the people could believe that they have a higher more enlightened master than the bureaucrats. That type of idea breeds revolutions. It's the type of thing that frees slaves and brings down Kings.

The real question here is whether this priest is one of those agents? Or is he someone that was just befriended? Only he knows.

Tip o' the hat to NealeNews.

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