AdScam Forgotten

It took less than a month for Canadians to forget about AdScam.

A new Decima poll has the Liberals at 27% and the Tories have dropped down to 25%. Other polls have already confirmed this drop.

People will be analyzing this to death coming up with pet theories about why the drop happened. Some will say it's so-called Tory-Bloc alliance that people are reacting to. Others will say it's the NDP Liberal alliance and budget.

Whatever happened Canadians have moved on.

The Tories have to make this election about more than just AdScam. They can't run an election based solely on corruption. What AdScam does is it gives people a reason not to vote Liberal. What the Tories need to do now is to give people a reason to vote Conservative.

We should be talking about lower taxes. We should be talking about safer streets. We should be talking about a credible Canadian passport. We should be talking about a strong military. We should be talking about winning the war on terror in Canada.

If we let the Liberals define the issues, the Liberals will define the issues.

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