Liberals Have an Enima

How else do you explain this story from the AdScam files? The turncoat "I wanna a patronage appointment for jumping ship from the Tories to the Liberals" Brison had this to say in response to seperatist attacks on AdScam:
"The Bloc wants to destroy Canada and the reputation of all federalists. They do not want to give Judge [John] Gomery a chance to complete his work," Mr. Brison said.
"You can understand the separatists. But it's impossible to understand why the Conservative Party is backing the Bloc. It's a very dangerous game."

So I understand now. Thanks oh great Brison for clearing that all up. Whenever the Tories criticize you about the millions in dirty money your Party of Crooks and Liars stole from the Canadian public that's not fair game, in reality it's just the Tories (for whatever inexplicable reason) siding with the seperatists in an evil right wing conspiracy to discredit the Liberal name in Quebec.

And so if the Tories criticize you on anything do to with the millions of dollars of dirty money laundered into Liberal Party bank accounts they are actually helping seperatists in Quebec? Oh and I guess that means really that AdScam must be another secret conspiracy by the seperatists and conservatives to discredit the name of the Party of Crooks and Liars... But wait a minute... Wasn't it just a couple years ago that you were a Tory railing against the government corruption?

Is that all Brison?

Everythings cleared up now. It's a good thing we got all of those misunderstandings out the way.

Please! Give Canadians a little credit! We may not be the smartest bunch, but the diet high on Tim Horton's coffee hasn't completely fried our brains.

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