John Paul The Great

John Paul the second has carried the Catholic Church through some of the most darkest and brightest moments of the past century.

He was instrumental in defeating Communism in Poland and bringing down Russia’s control of eastern Europe. The Solidarity movement would never have gotten off to the start it did if it wasn’t for this specific Polish Pope that understood the system, and knew how to bring it down.

This Pope has guided the Church through its biggest adjustments after Vatican-II.

He’s been outspoken on the world stage as a defender of life. He has been the moral conscience of the planet for the better half of this century. His effect on the Church was only minor compared to his effect on this planet.

And maybe that’s the difference with this Pope: he didn’t just carry the Catholic Church, he carried the world on his shoulders.

The church will never be same because of this Pope. And now that he is in the state he is, I can’t help but reflect on this man.

I’m sure he will be called John Paul The Great in the end. Not because of any these things. He’s great because I’ve noticed that even Non-Catholics are moved when they see this Pope stumble. When they see him in pain, they can’t help but feel that connection. Through his suffering they see something that they can relate too. Through his life he has been an example that has been an inspiration to the world.

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  1. John Paul has been a truly monumental figure. His talent for communication and love of people has left its mark and will continue to do so long after he is gone. Deus vobiscum il Papa, domino optimo maximo!