Harper Slams NDP-Liberal Coalition

The National Post reports:
RIDGETOWN, Ont. -- The Conservatives won't support an "NDP budget" that would prop up a "corrupt" Liberal government, party Leader Stephen Harper said Wednesday, effectively shifting blame for a possible snap election from his party to the NDP.

An angry Harper said he was shocked that the Liberals would spend taxpayers' money to retain power.

"I'm flabbergasted by the amount of taxpayers' money these guys are prepared to throw around to keep themselves in office," he said.

I wasn't necessarily shocked that Paul Martin would do whatever he had to do to retain his strangehold of power. What I was shocked by was the beads and trinkets the NDP traded for it. The NDP had the clear strategic advantage and what did they get for it?

A delay tax-cuts and some extra spending in the mean time.

It's moments like this where, if I was advising Layton, I would lay out the big whoppers. He could have demanded democratic reform. That would be something every Canadian, including Conservatives, would have cheered him on for. He could have demanded that the government buy back Petro-Can, or increased corporate taxes. He had Martin by the jugular and he could have sliced and diced without fear.

I guess what got him in the end was the fact that by going down as the man that had turned this country into a left-wing basket case with these whoppers, he would have made himself unelectable. From my perspective he wasn't electable to begin with.

Or maybe somewhere deep down Layton knows that the NDP is really a home of retired Canadian hippies, and communist freeloaders. And maybe he knows that if he actually did get in power the country would drop dead.

Either way this country just had a brief brush with left wing extremism.

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