Kinsella Strikes Back

I'm sure Warren Kinsella will probably deny, obstruct, fly off the handle, and cause general mayhem when he testifies at the Gomery Inquiry. Kinsella must be feeling like a cornered rat, unable to think clearly at this point because his political ideals and dubious opinions have been shattered in the poop fest that is AdScam. The stench is so bad even somewhere in the back of Mr. Kinsella's strange mind he must know it stinks.

He put a lot of stock in Jean Chretien and in the Liberal Party. He must have. He was a Liberal in freaking Conservative nutso Alberta. He's put so much of his life in one cause he can't be wrong.

And now that his deceiving, lying, decrepit, thieving, crooked, corrupted Liberal Party is tumbling to electoral oblivion he had this to say:
Word on the Ottawa grapevine is that a couple of powerful people are insisting they have "reached out" to me, have tried to make amends, etc. Boy, talk about your eleventh-hour, death's bed Act of Contrition. I'm certain it's completely unrelated to recent events.

Can Stephen Harper win big? Sure he can - if he was leader, caucus and CPC membership rolled into one person, that is. Google "blogging Tories," an you'll see what I mean. Preston Manning used to say a bright light attracts a lot of bugs. That's true. So if I was Stephen, I'd get out the industrial-strength Raid, and pronto.

Typical Kinsella.

He first swims in his own personal sweaty vat of vanity. Only he apparently can save the Liberal Party. Memo to Warren: you can save a sinking ship, not a ship already 12 feet underwater.

Then he ends off with an attack on Conservative bloggers.

May I suggest you frequent if you want some real extremism.

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