Flaherty Runs

I just got this off the grapevine:
April 22, 2005


Whitby - After speaking with family and friends, Whitby-Ajax M.P.P. Jim Flaherty is seeking the Federal Conservative nomination for the riding of Whitby-Oshawa.
"This was an extremely difficult decision for me, but I cannot sit idly by and watch while the Federal Liberals deceive Canadians and tarnish our reputation worldwide," said Flaherty. "I am shocked and angry by what I have heard at the Gomery Inquiry, and quite frankly my children deserve better, my neighbours deserve better, all Canadians deserve better."
"I believe that this is a fundamental election and a turning point for the future of Canada," said Flaherty. "The time has come to bring honesty, integrity and leadership back to Parliament Hill. To me this is about the kind of future we want for our children, it is about the kind of country we want them to inherit. I want to help build a better Canada."

I think most people guessed this would happen. There have been rumours that Flaherty would do this for months. I think it's obvious that he's just using AdScam as an excuse to do what he always wanted to do. To be frank his future is pretty bleak in Provincial politics. He tried twice to win the leadership of the Ontario Provincial Tories based on a campaign of principle. He failed both times.

This gives him an opportunity to seek office in an arena that desperately needs principled conservatives: Ottawa. Jim Flaherty has shown himself to be an adept politician, and a genuinely good person in politics. He's stood for principles when other Tories were flailing in the wind. He's fought against impossible odds for lower taxes, less government, choice in education, and traditional family values when they weren't exactly the most popular causes.

Stephen Harper just gained another seat tonight in Whitby Ajax. Only 135 Liberals left to knock off.

May I suggest Flaherty for Minister of Finance? This country would be exploding past the US in growth in a matter of nanoseconds if we did... Well it may take a little longer than that...

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