Stick a Fork in the Space Shuttle...

I woke up this morning to read this piece on SpaceDaily suggesting that Bush cancelled the Shuttle program.

It might make a good April Fools joke, but this isn't funny:
During the press conference Bush told reporters, "I don't want to see another NASA administrator - appointed on my watch - left to justify a program to Congress based on lies, dis-information, half-truths and sexed up reports."

The truth is sad. The truth is that this piece of comedic enjoyment on the part of SpaceDaily hit the nail on the head when it comes to the shuttle. The Space Shuttle is a dramatic waste of time, money and resources. We'd be better to go back to expendable throw-away space capsules from the days of Apollo - they did cost half as much in todays dollars.

Kill it already. And contract out future space launches from these guys.

And as for the ISS, an ebay auction doesn't sound all that bad. My bid is $0.20. Anyone else care to battle me out for it?

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